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2016-09-25_0211I love autumn; the brisk air, cool evenings, pumpkin everything (I love to bake), the changing colors. Fall may be my favorite season. Christmas is my favorite holiday, but Fall, the whole season, is wonderful. And, the best way to start fall is a drive, in the mountains, to look at the changing leaves. I know, me and everyone else.
Last year, we did the Peak to Peak drive; well part of it, traffic got so bad that we took a detour, and had a wonderful time. This year, we drove Guanella Pass. Itwas incredible. There weren’t as many people, the scenery was lovely, the children got to see their first snow of the year (just enough to touch, in the shady areas). There are multiple streams, and the weather was warm enough for my son to dip his toes in the water. Snow, splashing, multiple places to hike, beautiful scenery, the perfect mix! If you haven’t taken this drive, I strongly suggest doing so.

2016-09-25_0265 As always, I took too many pictures and subjected my family to portraits. I can’t help it, I love taking photographs and children grow up much too quickly. The beautiful colors and great scenery made for wonderful backdrops, and a fun family outing made for great expressions and natural poses.
I am a firm believer in the fact that you can never have too many photographs. Photographs to share, photographs to keep, and photographs to remember days that go all too quickly. . . Also, get out from behind the camera. This is one piece of advice that I frequently forget. You need photos of you with your spouse, children, friends, and/or families. I would love to see your Fall Colors photography, especially if they include your friends and family.
Where is your favorite Fall Colors drive? Let me know in the comments.2016-09-25_0263


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